Januar 12, 2012

l'homme chauve souris

Als Arnaud mir mitteilte, dass seine Mutter Karten für die Batman Arena Tour besorgen könnte, war ich völlig niedergeschlagen. Ich wusste, dass ich zum Zeitpunkt der Show wie ein Hamster bei meinen Eltern sitzen würde - mit vier Mal Weisheit weniger. Ich wurde aber den Gedanken nicht los, dass ich auch gerne mal einen Gastblogger bei mir hätte... warum also nicht Arnaud? Warum nicht Batman? 
Ich hoffe, ihr freut euch so wie ich, über Arnauds ersten (und hoffentlich nicht letzten!) Gastpost! Da ich auf eure Fremdsprachen-Kenntnisse zähle, wird der Post Englisch bleiben... ihr schafft das!

When Arnaud told me that his mother could get tickets to the Batman Arena Tour i was completely devastated. I knew that I was going to sit at my parent´s sofa like a hamster while the show was running - with four times less the wisdom. I could not get rid off the thought of a guest blogger, though, and why not Arnaud? Why not Batman?
I hope you are as happy as I am that he agreed and we are about to enjoy his first (and i hope not last!) guest post!

In December I had the chance to see the Batman Arena Tour  in Paris. For those of you who don't know it… I am too lazy to explain, so just check this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS2yaic6iXw).
Basically it's a live show featuring the characters from the famous DC comic.

If you have some basic knowledge about the Batman universe the story proves to be pretty classic. For those who did not live in a cave (and I do not mean the bat cave - harhar), anyway. It starts by showing Bruce Wayne as a child witnessing the murder of his parents in a dark alley. This tragic event leads directly to the creation of the most badass hero – imho – Batman, who is going to punch/kick/hit/beat hundreds of villains without using any stupid superpower.

The show features most of the important characters of the comics - bad guys and allies as well, but in my opinion it focuses a bit too much on the Greyson family and their circus – just to add circus components to the show. Don't get me wrong - I like trapezes and magic tricks, but some parts were too long and simply felt like filling. All of this creates a slow beginning which highly contrasts with an end full of action and fights. But as long as there are no cats and dogs running around and jumping through fire circles, I guess it is ok.

Although the room was filled with teenagers and geeks, the show is aiming at children. The dialogues are a bit simple and the action scenes are never too violent. I didn't need the extra zoom of my camera to see that the actors were not really touching each other during fights. Nevertheless, Batman's fans could appreciate the great quality of the costumes, light work, the dynamic background and the scene configuration. 

At the end of the show, the children in the audience were really happy, jumping around acting as the dark knight punching their little sisters. I guess I’m a bit jealous, because I’d loved to have seen such a show when I was ten. The loud music, the explosions, the fights, the cool poses and the catch phrase... 



  1. @julia: Dann hoffe ich jetzt auch mal auf Arnaud's Sprachkenntnisse und kommentiere auf Deutsch. Übersetzen gilt nicht ;-)

    @ Arnaud: Tolle Bilder und gut geschrieben. Das sieht nach einer fantastisch bunten Show aus. Ich mag Spiderman allerdings lieber ;-)

  2. Wie süß!!! :o) Die Show sieht super aus.

  3. Ich habe just heute Morgen im Morgenmagazin zum ersten Mal von der Show gehört. Mich reizt so was ja gar nicht... bin nicht der Musical-Mensch *g* Aber ich freu mich über den Herrn Gastblogger :)


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