Januar 13, 2014

le mois en film #13/13

Im Dezember ist das deutsche Fernsehprogramm gar nicht mal so übel, auch wenn ich keinen wirklich neuen Film gesehen habe. Schön war allerdings, dass ich mal wieder ins Kino gekommen bin... ich beschränke mich nun also auf die beiden Kinofilme. Der Medicus und der zweite Hobbit lohnen den Besuch des Lichtspielhauses allemal, da sie besonders durch schöne Landschaften glänzen. Inhaltlich würde ich dem Medicus den Vorzug geben, denn dem habe ich die Überlänge weniger angemerkt. Er blieb immer interessant genug. Beim Hobbit dagegen muss man schon wirklich Fan von Landschaftsaufnahmen (oder 3D) sein, ansonsten wirken einige Szenen in die Länge gezogen.

After his mother's death nine-year-old Rob Cole follows a barber surgeon to learn more about medicine. Still wanting to become a real physician he undertakes the long journey to Isfahan where the Persian physician Avicenna teaches his students in hospital - something totally new to the 11th century. Rob disguises himself as Jewish as all Christians are banned from the city and eagerly starts his training...

The movie is based on Noah Gordon's novel - that i have not read before watching the movie. Even though it is really long i never felt bored and was surprised by the break. The images of the country and people are wonderful. The portrait of friends from different religious backgrounds is never too pithy, you learn things without being taught. I was well entertained.


Bilbo's journey with the dwarves continues. They face dangerous woods, orks, captivity - and everything without the wizard Gandalf's help. After crossing lake-town Bilbo comes closer to fulfilling his contract in seeking the secret door to face the dragon Smaug.

The landscapes are nice, the story is alright (just do not try comparing it to the book)... i did not watch the 3D version, although it is clear that some scenes are just made for it. The length of some story lines just leave me wondering about their necessity... the break was much needed. Nice entertainment but definetely too long.


  1. The Physician: Read the book in 1997 in Tunisia, when I got sick, ran out of books and had to take one of the hotel's library :D For a thirteen year old it was kind of disturbing, I'll never ever toucht his topic again. (But I head to read the sequal ;))

    Concerning The Hobbit 2 I'm not expecting anything but three great hours in my beloved Middle-earth - disliked the book anyway ;)

  2. Ich habe das Buch "Der kleine Hobbit" geliebt und jetzt Angst, dass ich den Film nicht gut finden werde - habe schon von einigen gehört, dass er langweilig ist...


  3. Medicus fand ich auch super, obwohl ich es echt nicht dachte und nur mama zu liebe reingeganen bin :)


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