August 06, 2013

le mois en livre #07/13

Gerade frisch verheiratet und jetzt schon was über Witwen lesen? Ja, ich habe halt mit Herrn Irving angefangen und, obwohl er manchmal etwas zu schräg ist, mochte ich seine Bücher bisher. Dieses fand ich wirklich schön. P.D. James allerdings war neu für mich und nach dem Lesen ärgere ich mich, dass ich nicht noch die anderen zwei Bücher mitgenommen habe. Völlig ungelesene super-saubere Exemplare findet man im Secondhand ja wirklich selten... es ist nicht so, dass man völlig überrascht wäre vom Kriminalfall, aber es liest sich einfach gut.
So, warum so viel der Vorrede? Meine Bücher sind oft Englisch, also werde ich jetzt versuchen auch in der Lesesprache zu rezensieren. Für die deutschen Leser: wer Irving mag, der liebt "Witwe für ein Jahr" und wer Krimis mag, die sich schnell weglesen, ist mit "Der Beigeschmack des Todes" bestens bedient.

From now on i try to review the books in the language i read them in... as most of them are English you'll get my opinion in this very language, although i am not mastering it...

John Irving - A Widow For One Year
content: We meet Ruth Cole first when she is a four year old, living with the memories of her dead brothers and parents who deal with it in their own way. Her mother Marion is stricken with grief and her father Ted dives in to his work and affairs. The next time we meet Ruth she is 36, researching a book in Amsterdam's red light district and witnessing a murder.
opinion: Irving's characters are just weird sometimes. I liked Ruth, though, and her story. Through all the twists you get an idea as to where everything is heading and it does lead to a nice end. For all those who like his style i really recommend it.

P.D. James - A Taste For Death
content: Two bodies are discovered at St. Mathew's Church. One is the tramp Harry and the other Sir Berowne. The baronet just resigned from his job as a Minister of the Crown. Adam Dalgliesh and his team start investigating... talking to all the family members, staff and friends it looks like a lot of them are trying to hide things.
opinion: This is already the seventh book of the Dalgliesh series but it did not feel like i was missing any information. I always had the feeling that this would be a great Sunday evening movie. It is an entertaining read, even though one is not overly surprised about the usual "who did it and why". Nice.


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  1. "Gerade frisch verheiratet und jetzt schon was über Witwen lesen?"

    Hm... da frage ich mich doch, wer hier schräg ist? *g* Das ist mindestens so schräg wie 4 Min. Stuhl. ;D


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