Dezember 08, 2013

le mois en film #12/13

... und jetzt kommen wir zu den etwas kinderfreundlicheren Filmen. Besonders in der kalten Jahreszeit wird das Frühstück am Wochenende bei uns gern durch einen Film verlängert und da macht sich zu viel Action ja nicht immer besonders gut.
In "Epic" wird ein Teenager plötzlich ins Waldleben transportiert und findet sich im Kampf Gut gegen Böse wieder. Niedlich. Auch "Un monstre à Paris" ist animiert. Im Paris Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts entdeckt ein Gartenbewohner seine Liebe zur Musik und zu einer hübschen Sängerin. Sehr hübsch. Mit "Oz the Great and Powerful" bleiben wir gleich in der Märchenwelt und erfahren, wie der Zauberer, der später von Dorothy besucht wird, nach Oz gekommen ist und mit den ansässigen Hexen klar kommt. Besser als erwartet! "Penelope" ist auch eher märchenhaft. Ein Fluch hat Penelope mit einer Schweinenase bedacht und natürlich kann die nur durch wahre Liebe zu einem niedlichen Näschen verwandelt werden. Insgesamt süß. Magisch bleibt es mit "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone". Der hatte mit seinem Partner jahrelang eine äußerst erfolgreiche Show in Las Vegas, sieht sich nun aber neuen Konkurrenten gegenüber, von denen einer sein Ego ist. Ich mag Steve Carell und der Film bietet wirklich hübsche Unterhaltung. In "Hope Springs" treffen wir Carell wieder, hier aber als eher ernsten Paar-Therapeuten, der Kay und Arnold helfen soll, ihre nach dreißig Jahren mehr als eingefahrene Ehe zu retten. Was fürs Herz und ein Aufruf, immer wieder an seiner Beziehung zu arbeiten.
Ich hoffe, ihr habt einen wunderschönen zweiten Advent! Kuschelt euch ein!

... and now let's talk about the more children friendly movies. Especially when it is colder we love to extend the weekend breakfasts with a movie and too much action just does not work with that.

At the beginning of the 19th century a garden creature discovers its love for music and the beautiful singer Lucille. Raoul, delivery guy and inventor, along with Emile, shy movie guy, help the monster as it needs protection from the overambitious police chief.
Very cute animation. Lovely to see Paris this way, although i could not stop myself from stating that some buildings were not where they're supposed to be. The characters are maybe stereotypes but i liked them nonetheless. Nice entertainment.

Mary Katherine is visiting her father, the crazy scientist type, and finds herself suddenly in a forrest world where she has to assist in the never ending fight of God vs. Evil.
Cute animated movie that could have done better with a little more depth sometimes. I finally learned the difference between snails and slugs! Entertaining, nevertheless.

When the circus magician and womanizer Oscar is suddenly stuck in a Tornado we know where he's going to land. Everyone in Oz has been expecting the great wizard but the three witches he meets are not entirely convinced he's the one they've been waiting for.
Surprisingly good! I liked the cast, although Mila Kunis was a weird choice for the Wicked Witch. It was nice to see a cute yellow brick road and some fun ideas for how the country Oz looks like. Really not bad.

Penelope's family has been cursed and as she's the first girl in centuries born into her wealthy family it hits her with a pig nose. The only thing that can break the curse is true love. Her mother tries to give her the best education preparing her to be a beautiful bride one day... only that Penelope stays hidden from the outside world and talks to her suitors through a mirror. As soon as they see her they run away. Until Max shows up...
I like Christina Ricci and the pig nose didn't make her any uglier. Why the guys kept running is part of the mystery for me. It's a cute fairy tale kind of movie that leaves you with a sigh. Liked it very much.

Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton are superstars in the magic world of Las Vegas. Through the years their fame is fading, though, as is their friendship. When a weird street magician becomes the new big thing their show looks even "older" and finally comes to a halt altogether. Burt has to fight his big ego and find his love for magic again.
I just like Steve Carell and this movie is no exception. I was well entertained, never bored and just sometimes disgusted (Jim Carrey). It's a fun and pleasant film.

Kay and Arnold have lost themselves after thirty years of being a married couple. While they are a perfect team in daily life they do not even sleep in the same room anymore and finally Kay has had enough. She signs them up for counseling and Arnold follows reluctantly as he's not seeing the point. With Dr. Feld they try to work it out and soon realize that it is not easy at all.
I liked how the movie shows you how important it is to never stop working on your relationship. Seeing "older" couples is still new and although you feel awkward with them it is a topic that needs to be shown. You have to be in the mood, i guess, but then it's heart-warming.

Happy 2nd weekend in Advent!
Cuddle up!

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